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2013-04-10 14:33:24

PREMIER Evolvics, exhibited a range of world class products and solutions at the ITME '08, Bangalore. Located in Hall: 3, Booth: A113; the stall attracted many Customers within India and also from other parts of the world including Turkey, Iran and South East Asia..

PREMIER EVOLVICS stands unique with several products and solutions to the Textile industry for instance; PREMIER is the only comprehensive solution provider for Contamination with, iQON, the New Standard in Foreign Fibre and White PP clearing, ClassiQON; the New Classification Standard with Foreign Fibre and White PP classes and the Xeni series of Contamination Sorter, specifically designed for the beginning and the end of the Blow Room line.

PREMIER iQON, the New Standard in Foreign Fibre and White PP clearing was launched here at ITME '08 and with the technology specific illustration tools; the representation of Visible and InfraRed technology, the Yarn board demo kit etc., was much appreciated by visitors, which made the understanding of iQON technology easier across the common visitor to the textile technocrat. The demonstration of iQON was complete with its operation at Savio and VeeJay Excello stalls.

The product suite on display included ClassiQON; the New Classification Standard with Foreign Fibre and White PP classes, which classifies White PP into 12 classes. The deviation across positions / samples tested can be independently viewed with respect to White PP, Foreign Fibre and Mass, which helps to initiate the appropriate corrective action. Several graphical reports enable quick recognition of deviations in the Quality.

The Xeni series of Contamination sorters are now specifically designed for the beginning and the end of the Blow Room line. The Xeni 2 is optimized for smaller tufts running at higher speeds at the end of the Blow Room line with UltraSonic detectors and its unique no "deaf zone" to detect White PP and a CCD array to detect the Colour Contaminations. The associated high speed image processing facilitates in detecting contaminations of various types and sizes. The Xeni F is designed to detect larger particles at the beginning of the Blow Room line with its unique Photo detector technology and the patented "Transfer Zone" adopted in the Xeni series of Sorters.

PREMIER ART 2 (High Volume Fibre Tester) with a full function Gravimetric Trash option was displayed. The Gravimetric Trash is functionally integrated with the ART2 central processor. The module eliminates the need for multiple passes and has automatic trash collection and weighment which results in a fast, precise and user friendly measurement. New features in ART 2 include True Maturity; adopts a unique differential volumetric technique to measure real Maturity which is traceable to image analysis values. An Automatic Moisture Measurement and strength correction avoids the impact of environmental conditions. A built-in RH sensor, the engineering calibration using metal plugs for the automated micronaire module and an improved front end report offers greater flexibility to the user.

The aQura2 upgraded with a host of software features including the Process chart, Nep difference percentage, length difference percentage and the Combing optimisation index arms the user to control the process more efficiently. The primary features include True Neps; a process optimisation tool for Carding and Combing machines as well as to view the trend of Yarn Neps at the finisher Draw frame stage itself. True Short Fibre; enables to optimise the final yarn quality, especially imperfections such as thick places, and also the tensile characteristics.

iQ QualiCenter, the world's most intelligent Evenness Tester comes with a new parameter, Hair Severity, which redefines the way the yarn hairiness is currently measured. Hair Severity reflects the seriousness of the longer hair in spinning, weaving and knitting. A guidebook containing applications, statistics and technology information is now available.

Ringi, the On-line Monitoring system for Spinning department, offers greater flexibility with ScoreBoard, a display system to view and initiate real time corrective action based on critical spinning parameters monitored, the End Break Indication lamp (EBIL) assists in improving the Man power utilisation by reducing the mean end break piecing duration to up to 50%. PanorAmilL the user friendly application software with its extensive analysis helps to analyse the deviations quickly. The PREMIER Productivity Standards, the first of its kind standard for Ring frames monitored through the On-line system, Ringi, plots 5%, 25% and 50% productivity levels achieved by mills for each Count, Material and Parameter. The Summary of best levels achieved is also indicated for Bench marking.